Swimtails is Included on the Huffington Post – The Highly Curated American Made Holiday Gift Guide

Swimtails has been featured on a variety of popular blogs and news sites, including; Monday Morning Radio, The Miami Herald, The Boston Globe and The Star Tribune to name a few. The owners discuss what goes into creating the world’s first major mermaid tail brand.

Most Recently Swimtails has been included on the Huffington Post’s

The Highly Curated American Made Holiday Gift Guide.

The Huffington Post writes “Ever dream of being a mermaid? Your wish is their command. Thank you Swimtails! Kids are going crazy over these. They proudly make every Swimtail in Colorado. In fact, they recently began insourcing the production of the fabric itself, so not only is it made here, but the fabrics used are made here too. Their seamstresses are graduates from local fashion schools who are being paid a living wage for their hard work, even at the entry level. Truly a brand with heart!

The owners of Swimtails made a conscious decision to only make Swimtails here in the United States. Since production first began and up until present day, each and every mermaid tail made by Swimtails has been made with love in Colorado, USA.

“We believe in producing a top quality product and we know that our customers will notice the difference.” Ryan goes on to explain the vision for Swimtails. “Our goal has always been to make a product that we would want to buy ourselves and to this day our daughter still swims in a Swimtail.”

After years of product research and development, Swimtails has emerged as the world’s premier mermaid tail maker. But the fun has only begun. An entirely new line of premium mermaid tails will soon be revealed and made available for pre-release exclusively to customers and subscribers to the Mermaid Cove Newsletter. Tops have just been recently released and more apparel is soon to follow!

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