Swimmable Leggings

Be a Mermaid wherever you go, in or out of the water with New Swimtails Swimmable Leggings. These super soft & comfortable leggings are like a second skin. They dry quickly and keep you cool, protect your from UV rays, feel great and stay vibrant wash after wash. Swimmable Leggings give you the freedom of showing your mermaid side even while on dry land. Grab a pair today!

Swimmable Leggings

Our new swimmable leggings are made for performance in or out of the water. Take your mermaid style wherever you go! Don’t get fooled by cheap, imitation swimmable leggings that fall apart in the water. Every pair of leggings we make are made from the finest, most comfortable fabric. Our legging fabric is super soft to the touch, dries quickly and keeps your cool. The special material is also UV protective to keep you safe from the sun’s harmful rays, while also keeping your leggings vibrant wash after wash.

Made in the USA

We proudly make each and every pair of Swimmable Leggings right here in the USA. We design our patterns, press our materials, cut, sew and ship every order from our facility in Colorado. Our talented seamstress, designers and production professionals make it their life’s work to provide our customers with the highest quality leggings in the world! Give them a try today, you won’t be disappointed!

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