Swim Like a Mermaid

Learn to Swim Using a Mermaid Tail & Monofin. Glide Through the Water Like a Real Mermaid!

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The Guide to Swimming Like a Mermaid

Learning to swim requires instruction, patience and resolve. Learning how to swim like a mermaid is no different. There is a right and wrong way to use a monofin and before swimming with one, we recommend first practicing using our “Swim Like a Mermaid” guide. In addition to our Free Download Guide, we have partnered with swim schools and instructors across the nation to provide the most comprehensive mermaid swim program available.

By utilizing the “Dolphin Kick” method, one can quickly learn the motion that our underwater friends use to get around the ocean. The streamline, non-impact motion that is taught is a very efficient and quick way to swim. Core muscle groups like: the lower and upper abs as well as the low back, are exercised while performing the dolphin kick.

Some folks refer to this type of swimming as “Mermaiding”. Pods of young boys an girls are popping up all around the country at local pools, lakes and beaches. Whatever you like to call it, Mermaiding is a growing trend that promotes exercise and a healthy imagination!



Swimtail Safety

Learn the Correct Way to Swim Like a Mermaid. Click to Download the Free Guide to “Mermaiding”

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