Sea Dragon Mermaid Tail Set


Sea Dragon Mermaid Tail Set

$111.98 $89.00

The Brand New Sea Dragon Mermaid Tail Set is the perfect way to bundle Summer Fun & Big savings! Each Mermaid Tail Set comes complete with:

• Swimtails Mermaid Tail Skin

• FINIS Mermaid Monofin

• New Matching SwimTop

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Base Price: $111.98 $89.00

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Product Description

Sea Dragon Mermaid Tail Set

We are excited to now offer Mermaid Tail Sea Sets! Our Mermaid Tail Sea Sets include an authentic Swimtail Mermaid Tail Skin, a Finis Brand Monofin and our brand new SwimTops. Complete your mermaid look with a full Mermaid Tail Sea Set from Swimtails.

The Sea Dragon Mermaid Tail Sea Set, from Swimtails is the perfect first choice for a all Mermaids and Swimmers. This gift Sea Set offers the full a Mermaid experience at a big discount! This Summer, dive into a world of fun and imagination with swimmable mermaid tails from Swimtails.

Fun for Teens & Adults Too

We can make you a mermaid tail in just about any size, including “grown up” size. That means there is absolutely no excuse for you not to slip on a custom mermaid tail from Swimtails and dive into that beautiful water. In all seriousness, “mermaiding” (the act of swimming like a mermaid) happens to be amazing exercise. Imagine a non-impact, fun way to workout your abs and core… That’s right! Mermaiding! *Initial temporary color bleeding is normal with tie-dye fabrics will subside after a couple swims. Happy Mermaiding!

We love talking about all things mermaid, so give us a call if you have any questions:



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