Kid’s Monofin


Kid’s Monofin

$34.98 $31.98

Adjustable Fit for Children that wear between a
12 – 7 shoe size

Swim like a mermaid using the “dolphin kick” technique. Our kids monofin is made for play. Combine with your mermaid tail skin for the complete mermaid fantasy package, Must use a monofin when swimming with a Swimtail®. We carry only the finest Mermaid Monofins, manufactured by FINIS®. Order yours today!

Includes FREE Mermaid Backpack! For a Limited Time!

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Cut through the water like a fish! With your very own Kids monofin from Swimtails, you can live your mermaid fantasy! Made from durable athletic-grade plastic for extra power and longevity. Many pro athletes have benefitted from swimming with a monofin. The motion used, known as the “Dolphin Kick” is an excellent method for working out core ab muscles. Using a monofin can increase underwater speed and dexterity as well overall muscle tone.

Monofins can be used for training and improving your swimming skills. Olympic Athletes word wide have found monofins to be very beneficial. Kids can also benefit from using the monofin. Kids monofins have become very popular in the last few years. As more and more children learn about monofins, their use continues to increase.

We only carry the finest quality monofins available. Well known international brands such as FINIS make many of the products we sell. It is very important to have a quality fin, especially for children. Our monofins are made from high-quality, performance plastic. Kids monofin products are adustable for a comfortable fit.

At Swimtails, we are devoted to teaching kids and adults the proper technique to using monofins. Known as the “Dolphin Kick” technique, swimming with a monofin mimics the way that our dolphin friends travel through the water. We continue to open classes across the world to teach the next generation of mermaids. We encourage all of our customers to join a mermaid class and learn the proper way to swim with a kids monofin.

*Swimmers with wider feet within the shoe size 5-7 range should choose the adult monofin for a better fit.

For more information about our Kids Monofin, Call Us Today: 1-877-629-7111


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