Fusion Betta Mermaid Tail


Fusion Betta Mermaid Tail

$369.00 $329.00

The all-new Fusion Betta Mermaid Tail is the new standard for fabric mermaid tails. Made from specialized SCUBA fabric and designed to fit the Mahina Mer’Fin. Exclusive designs are transferred onto a super-thick flexible & supportive, quick drying material. Includes a hidden zipper for easy monofin removal and fabric care. Includes a special Monofin Enclosure. Pair with a Mahina Classic Adult Mer’Fin for the complete Hydra Mermaid Tail package. Adult Sizes Only – For Swimmers 18 yrs & Older

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Base Price: $369.00 $329.00

Product Description

Introducing the all new Fusion Betta Mermaid Tail. Part of our Hydra Mermaid Tail Collection. Created exclusively for adult swimmers and professional mermaid performers. Made from a special thick SCUBA fabric (Not) Neoprene that is engineered to be flexible and quick drying. Invisible zipper included for easy washing and monofin removal.

Our new Fusion Betta Mermaid Tail are designed specifically for use with Mahina Classic Adult Monofins. Each one has a customer Monofin Enclosure that adds size & style to the existing Mahina Fin shape. Swimtails has collaborated with Mahina to bring you the most exquisite fabric mermaid tail on the market. Now you can have the look of an expensive Silicone Mermaid Tail, for a fraction of the price. Swimtails is the only mermaid tail maker in the United States to create mermaid skins especially for the Mahina Classic Monofin.

Swimtails’ exclusive hidden zipper will allow for easy skin changes and fabric care. The extra large fin design will enable faster swimming and a more pronounced mermaid look. Easy care instructions allow for machine wash of your Hydra Mermaid Tail skin.

Each and every Fusion Betta Mermaid Tail is made right here in the USA. We own our factory in Colorado and are proud to make all of our Swimtails with American Labor. We believe that exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs make our Fusion Betta Mermaid Tail the very best in the world.

*  Production Time can take up to 4 weeks in the busy seasons. Please contact us for specific delivery date requests. We will always try to meet your deadline!

Made for Adults Only

Swimtails takes safety very seriously, each one of our products is tested for the age group that we intend to sell to. When we created our Hydra Mermaid Tails, Swimtails in concert with Mahina Mermaid determined that the Hydra Mermaid Tail SCUBA Fabric and Mahina Mer’Fin combination is most suitable for adult swimmers. Each fully assembled Fusion Betta Mermaid Tail weighs an average of 12lbs.

If you have any questions about our Hydra Mermaid Tails, please write us at [email protected] or give us a call 1-877-629-7111, we would be happy to help!


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