Blue Mystic Sport Mermaid Tail


Blue Mystic Sport Mermaid Tail

$99.00 $48.98

The Blue Mystic Sport Mermaid Tail is a stunning new premium tail. Part of our Sport Mermaid Tail Collection, the Blue Mystic Sport Mermaid Tail is made from premium UV protected swim fabric. Add the gorgeous FINIS monofin (Optional – see below) for a winning combination!

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Base Price: $99.00 $48.98

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Product Description

Introducing the majestic new design from Swimtails. The Blue Mystic Sport Mermaid Tail is a beautiful, elegant take on a classic mermaid style with an electric blue twist! Blues, purples and pink shimmering scales are the backdrop to 4 fins. The Blue Mystic Sport Mermaid Tail has become an instant customer favorite for kids, teens and adults.

The new Blue Mystic Sport Mermaid Tail is part of our Sport Mermaid Tail Collection. These new designer mermaid tails are made with premium swimsuit fabric that is more durable. It has a UV protective coating to keep colors bright and your skin protected. Each and every Fantasea Tail is made to order right here in Colorado, USA. We take pride in every mermaid tail that is produced. Skillful fashion designers lovingly craft each tail. Exclusive new designs are added regularly, allowing Swimtails to offer the largest selection of mermaid tails on the planet.

Fun for Teens & Adults Too

We can make you a mermaid tail in just about any size, including “grown up” size. That means there is absolutely no excuse for you not to slip on a custom mermaid tail from Swimtails! and dive into that beautiful water. In all seriousness, “mermaiding” (the act of swimming like a mermaid) happens to be amazing exercise. Imagine a non-impact, fun way to work your abs and core…That’s right! Mermaiding!

We love talking about all things mermaid, so give us a call if you have any questions:



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