Adult Monofin


Adult Monofin

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Shoe Size: Male 4-10, or Female 5-11.

Ideal for pre-teen through adults.

Childlike fun, sized for adults. Why should kids have all the fun? We carry the adult monofin, because mermaids come in all ages! Swimtails offers the finest Mermaid Monofins, manufactured by FINIS®.

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Product Description

Adults Can Be Mermaids Too!

The dream of mermaiding isnt just for children. With the Adult Monofin, adults across the world are expressing their inner-mermaids. Its not just for play, “Mermaiding” is also really great exercise. Those hard-to-get-rid-of love handles and lower belly fat will get blasted away as you rip through the water.

Monofins can be used for training and improving your swimming skills. Athletes word wide have found monofins to be very effective in improving endurance. Grown-ups can really benifit from using the adult monofin.

We only carry the finest quality monofins available. Well known international brands such as FINIS make many of the products we sell. It is very important to have a quality fin, especially for adults. Our monofins are made from high-quality, performance plastic. Adult monofins are adustable for the perfect fit.

At Swimtails, we are devoted to teaching kids and adults the proper technique to using monofins. Known as the “Dolphin Kick” technique, swimming with a monofin mimics the way that our dolphin friends travel through the water. We continue to open classes across the world to teach the next generation of mermaids. We encourage all of our customers to join a mermaid class and learn the proper way to swim with an adult monofin.

For more information about our Kids and Adult Monofins, Call Us Today: 1-877-629-7111


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