Professional Grade Mermaid Tails

Our Mermaid Dreams have been realized with the release of our New Pro Mermaid Tails. Made exclusively for Adult Mermaids. Finally a truly high-end fabric Mermaid Tail, now available at an affordable price. Our Exclusive limited edition designs are paired with our all new premium SCUBA Fabrics and invisible zippered closure. For the first time ever, made especially for the Mahina Merfin! Order your Professional Mermaid Tail Today! For Swimmers 18 & Older

A Professional’s Mermaid Tail

Introducing the Pro Mermaid Tail, only from Swimtails

Swimtails has recently collaborated with Mahina Mermaid to offer a new premium Mermaid Tail made exclusively for adults. Because we make safety our number 1 goal, we currently only offer the Pro Mermaid Tail for swimmers 18 years of age or older. The all new Pro Mermaid Tails from Swimtails offer a tail comparable to expensive silicone mermaid tails, at a fraction of the cost. Using a special SCUBA fabric that is thick, soft and snug yet flexible and quick drying. Coupled with the legendary Mahina Merfin, the new Pro Mermaid Tails from Swimtails are in a class of their own. Experience one today!

Mahina Merfins

UnMatched Performance

Simply put, the Mahina Mer’Fin will leave other monofins in the shallow end. The extra wide, semi-rigid shape cuts through the water like a high powered propeller. Professional mermaids and mermaid enthusiasts around the world have experienced the unparalleled performance of the Mahina Mer’Fin and will recommend the Mahina to new and seasoned adult swimmers alike. By combining Swimtails’ superior Mermaid Tail Skins with the awesome Mahina Mer’Fins, we have created something truly unique and awe inspiring! Experience a Pro Mermaid Tail today!

Made for Adults Only

We never like excluding certain products from younger swimmers, however Safety always takes priority. Our new Pro Mermaid Tails are made with adults in mind. The Mahina Mer’Fin used in our Pro Tails is a substantial size monofin that is meant for adult swimmers. Swimtails has also selected to use a very special SCUBA type fabric for the Pro Mermaid Tail skin. While this fabric is stretchy and quick drying, its unique thickness and durability is better suited for an adult swimmer.

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