Mermaid Tails are becoming more and more popular. Children and adults across the globe are now experiencing the joy of swimming like a mermaid. As our company has grown, Swimtails has remained committed to refining and perfecting our products. By keeping our ear tuned to our customer’s needs and feedback, we have developed a new Mermaid Tail that we believe will last longer and perform even better that our original Swimtail. Introducing the Sport Mermaid Tail. Designed especially for new mermaids and younger swimmers, Sport Mermaid Tails offer a more durable mermaid tail, with all of the beauty and range of motion as our original Swimtails.

Sport Mermaid Tail from Swimtails, are the next generation of Swimmable Mermaid Tails. Made from high-quality, durable swimwear fabric and sewn by fashion professionals right here in the United States. We believe in making quality, long-lasting swimmable products for kids and adults. The Sport mermaid Tail is unique in it’s design in that it does not have any fabric near the tips of the monofin. (the area most commonly damaged by wear-and-tear). Because of our Patent-Pending design of our Sport Mermaid Tails, you can expect your swimmer to enjoy more time swimming like a mermaid.

We believe good exercise habits begin at childhood and we should encourage our children and young adults to stay active. Mermaid Tails, such as our new Sport Mermaid Tails, are a great way to motivate our kids to swim and play, rather than sitting in front of the TV, computer or smartphone. Summer is here and the time is now to start enjoying life as a mermaid. Inspire your child (or yourself) to dream a little more and get active!

Our selection of mermaid tail styles coordinate perfectly with our Pink, Blue and Purple FINIS Monofins. You can choose our recommend color combination with each fabric style or select your own unique combination. Now you can pair your Sport Mermaid Tail with our new matching Swim Tops. Made from the same high-quality material as our Mermaid Tails, our Swim Tops are the perfect accessory to complete your mermaid ensemble. Combine all three items and Save Money with our New Mermaid Tail Sets which include a Mermaid Tail, a FINIS Monofin and a matching Swim Top.

For more information on our swimmable mermaid tails, please view our collection of Mermaid Tails. You can also reach us by calling 1-877-629-7111 or emailing us at: [email protected]

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