Hey There, Mermaids!

Deep in our lab under the sea, our top Mer-scientists have been developing the ultimate swimming experience.

Here at Swimtails, we absolutely love getting creative and providing our little Mermaids with the opportunity to fully express themselves while they swim. Our Mermaid Tails are the perfect addition to an enchanting underwater adventure, and we make sure to provide our Merfriends with a bunch of different options to help them experience it!

This is why we are so excited to share with you an exciting new update to our original favorite — the Rainbow Mermaid Tail. Now brighter, more vibrant, and more brilliant than ever, with durable, premium quality fabric!

Our super fun and colorful New Rainbow Mermaid Tail is designed with a fade resistant, vibrant, rainbow backdrop to bring the most magical moments to life. The colors are so brilliant, you can’t help but sparkle under water!

The 4-way stretchable swim fabric is extra comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Your little Mermaid can even stand in it! It offers UV50 protection from the sun, it’s water resistant, and it’s made from premium material that ensures it will last a lifetime.

This Mermaid Tail is a perfect addition to an already awesome collection of Swimtails. It’s also a great first tail for all new and aspiring Mermaids! If you need that colorful boost to your swim, this is definitely the perfect fit.

Dive right into your imagination with the magical New Rainbow Mermaid Tail!

Mermaid Tails: Why Swim Like a Mermaid?

Our Mermaid Tails add the perfect amount of magic to get your little ones away from the TV and out into the sun for some fun. Swimming becomes much more than just swimming; it’s an enchanting adventure every time – especially when adding the colors of the rainbow! With Swimtails, our little Mermaids get to use their imagination and transform into little magical creatures. What a fun way to play!

You’re also helping establish a healthy, active lifestyle and starting young is the best way to do it. They’ll love swimming around with their new colorful Mermaid Tail!

And our Mermaid Tails aren’t just for kiddos, either. Teens and adults can join in on the fun, too, because it’s the perfect excuse to get and stay active. Not to mention, Mermaiding is the perfect ab and core exercise, so it’s a win-win!

So what better way to embark on an underwater adventure than to do it with all the colors of the rainbow?

Fun, sparkly, and super colorful, the New Rainbow Mermaid Tail is the perfect way to bring exercise, play, and magic together for a fun and enchanting swimming experience for all ages. And since we can make our Mermaid Tails in just about any size, there’s no reason to put this off!

Did we mention it’s on sale? Included with a purchase of kids mermaid tail and monofin, you also get a free Mermaid Backpack!

Check out the New Rainbow Mermaid Tail here!

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