We are constantly designing new and exciting Mermaid Tails. Our most recent series is called the Nature collection. Each mermaid tail design is inspired by some of our favorite animals and insects. Imagine a Monarch Butterfly Pattern Mermaid Tail. We have combined natures most intriguing patterns with our sleek mermaid tail design and the result is out of this world!

We love to hear from our Mermaid Community and especially appreciate feedback on our new mermaid tail designs. Our goal is to create one of a kind mermaid tail designs that are as individual as the swimmer who wears it. Let us know what you think about our Nature Collection!

Mermaid Tails are spreading in popularity across the globe. We believe that every man, woman, girl and boy should have a chance to swim like a mermaid. That is why our mermaid tails are affordable starting at just $44.98. We use only the finest swimsuit fabric. We custom formulate our mermaid tails to be chlorine resistant and durable enough for repeated regular use.

We can make your mermaid tail to custom fit your exact measurements. We also can adapt our mermaid tail skins to your existing monofin, no matter what the shape. Swimtails provides exceptional value at a price much lower than our competition.

Do you have an idea for a mermaid tail design? Send us your thoughts to: [email protected] or post a comment on our facebook or instagram page. We would love to hear your ideas and if we use your suggestion, we will even mention your name on our design mock-up.

Let your imagination swim free! Swimtails mermaid tails are not only beautiful and exotic, but also a very practical and effective way to exercise. Mermaiding is a great way to burn calories, tone your legs and arms while strengthen your core. Dive in today, the water is perfect!


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