Mermaid Monofins by FINIS™

Mermaid Monofins by FINIS are the perfect addition to our Swimtails Mermaid Tail Swimsuits. FINIS Flippers are made for easy release with just a flick of the foot. Build leg strength and confidence in the water with Mermaid Monofins from FINIS.

Mermaid Monofins are a fun, pool toy ideal for young swimmers. A monofin teach a balanced dolphin kick while increasing children’s water confidence. Each Monofin comes with a comfortable TPR foot pocket and uses a quick-release foot strap so feet can quickly be removed from the fin for safety. Designed for swimmers ages 6+. The Mermaid Monofin comes in two sizes:

1.) Fits an Adult that wears a Shoe Size: 5 – 11    |    2.) Fits a Child that wears a Shoe Size: 12 – 7

  • Sale!

    Adult Monofin

    $64.98 $54.98
  • Sale!

    Kid’s Monofin

    $34.98 $31.98

Imagine swimming through the water at lightning speed. The waves splashing by you as you dive into the deep blue. Sounds like a fantasy, right? Well you can live out this fantasy with mermaid monofins. Our Top-of-the-line monofins are made from athletic-grade plastic and rubber.

Using the method known as the “Dolphin Kick”, our customers are able to swim like a real mermaid. In addition to being incredible fun, monofins are also great exercise. The smooth motion of “Mermaiding” is an excellent way to work out your core ab and back muscles. You will also get a great cardio workout by swimming with a monofin. Purchase Your Swimtails Monofins Today!

Why Use a FINIS™ Monofin?

    Allows children to have fun and feel comfortable in the water
    Strap configuration allows feet to be quickly removed from fin for safety
    Learn a balanced dolphin kick and strengthen leg muscles

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