Mermaid Monofins by MAHINA™

Mermaid Monofins by MAHINA are the perfect addition to our Swimtails Mermaid Tail Swimsuits. MAHINA Flippers are made for easy release with just a flick of the foot. Build leg strength and confidence in the water with Mermaid Monofins from MAHINA.

Mermaid Monofins are a fun, pool toy ideal for young swimmers. A monofin teach a balanced dolphin kick while increasing children’s water confidence. Each Monofin comes with a comfortable TPR foot pocket and uses a quick-release foot strap so feet can quickly be removed from the fin for safety. Designed for swimmers ages 6+. The Mermaid Monofin comes in two sizes:

1.) Fits an Adult that wears a Shoe Size: 6 – 12.5    |    2.) Fits a Child that wears a Shoe Size: 12 – 6

  • Sale!

    Adult Monofin

    $109.98 $99.98
  • Sale!

    Kid’s Monofin

    $89.98 $79.98

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