Hello Mer-friends! We absolutely LOVE getting feedback and hearing about your mermaid adventures. Recently we received a letter from one of our mermaid community members in South Florida. Janet had purchased a Swimmable Mermaid Tail from us for a fashion shoot. She had not planned on swimming with her mermaid tail, however Janet decided to try it out in the pool while on vacation.

Janet instantly fell in love with the freedom of gliding through the water. She also noticed that “mermaiding” or the motion known as the Dolphin Kick, was working out her core ab muscles as well as her lower back, legs and entire upper body. The thought of water aerobics or swimming for exercise did not appeal to Janet. Yet she really enjoyed mermaid excercise and did not consider it exercise at all, just fun!

Well, Janet has been swimming with her Swimtail’s Mermaid Tail for 2 months now and has lost 19lbs. She has not done any other exercises or changed her diet. Janet attributes her weight loss and flat, toned belly to her mermaiding. Olympic and pro athletes often use monofins to perfom the Dolphin Kick exercise as a regular part of their exercise regimine. Michael Phelps famously used such techniques to propel him to an Olympic Gold Medal victory.

Exercise does not have to be boring! While swimming and water aerobics are some of the most effective and safe exercises available, many people are not inspired to keep a consistent routine. We believe that mermaid exercise provides a great opportunity to engage people with fun and exciting exercise. What makes swimming like a mermaid so appealing is that newcomers can easily learn the basics, while more experienced mermaids can fine tune their technique. No matter your skill level, mermaiding provides a perfect balance of instictive ease and challanging potential.

We applaud Janet and wish her continued success and health! If you are interested in learning more about the Dolphin Kick Method, mermaid exercise and how to swim like a mermaid, visit Swimtails.com. You can also Download our FREE Guide to Swimming like a Mermaid.

For more information on our swimmable mermaid tails, please view our collection of mermaid tails. You can also reach us by calling 1-877-629-7111 or emailing us at: [email protected]


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