Designer Mermaid Tails

The Fantasea Tail Collection from Swimtails is a premium mermaid tail product made exclusively in the United States. Made to order by fashion designers.Exclusive limited edition designs are paired with premium fabrics and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Order your one of a kind, designer mermaid tail today!

Designer Mermaid Tails from Swimtails

The Fantasea Tails ®, by Swimtails are a new collection of Designer Mermaid Tails that are made from the finest fabric, right here in the USA. Each and every Fantasea Tail is made to order, by an experienced Fashion School Graduate. Each and every detail is carefully crafted. Our fabric is a special tricot blend for added durability and beauty. Coated with protective UV50 layer to ensure long-lasting vibrance against sun and chlorine.






Designer Mermaid Tails

Our premium Designer Mermaid Tail collection has arrived!. After years of research and testing we are pleased to announce the New Fantasea Mermaid Tail. Made from superior UV50 coated – tricot material, for added durability and color vibrance. Each and every mermaid tail is lovingly crafted by skilled fashion school graduates right here in Colorado, USA. Each Fantasea Tail also comes with a set of Fin Guard, mermaid tail protectors (a $10 value). Order your one-of-a-kind Fantasea Mermaid Tail today!

Not Just for the Kiddies

The activity known as “Mermaiding” is an incredible way to safely exercise while having a splash! Teens and adults alike are taking to this new swimming technique and love the feeling of gliding through the water like a fish. The motion of your legs and hips provide an excellent workout for your core abdominal and back muscles. So what are you waiting for? While you pick out the perfect mermaid tail for your little one, pick one up for yourself as well. You’ll be glad you did.

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