Why Choose Swimtails for Your Next Mermaid Tail?

For Mermaids & Mermen looking for a Fabric Tail, there has never been a better time to shop. With so many options available and dozens of mermaid tail makers across the globe, it can be difficult deciding on where to buy the next tail.

While huge advancements in tail design have been shared by the community at large, many differences still exist between some of the top tail makers.

Swimtails made our first mermaid tail prototype in July of 2014, since then we have grown in our understanding of mermaiding and capabilities to produce a superior product. 

We believe that one of the best teachers is trial and error. But we were never satisfied with small innovations that only fixed immediate problems. So we treated each order as a product test, carefully logging the reviews we received and making immediate changes to the next version.

We performed this "experiment" for the past 5 years, producing over 70,000 individual mermaid tails by hand here in Colorado, each season getting better and better.

Our 2019 season has brought us a series of upgrades to our core product line that no other tail maker can match. These upgrades are included on every tail we make, including our children's mermaid tails:

- New SCUBA knit fabric on EVERY tail.

- New YKK Invisible, waterproof zipper for easy monofin install.

- New Braided Knit Elastic Waistband 

- 33% Deeper Color Saturation on All tails

- Made for Mahina Design. (The best monofin on the market)

For our HYDRA and PRO Tail line we offer:

- Handpressed Double-sided Fins (no stitches, amazing color Saturation)

- Marine Vinyl Fluke (premium 160 mil thickness)

Each and every Swimtail is made to order, by hand at our factory in Colorado. This means we can make size adjustments at no extra cost to you. We also offer a complimentary color editing service in which mermaids can alter the color of their mermaid tail to create a beautifully unique Swimtail that no one else on the planet has.  

If you would like to take a personalized approach to ordering your next mermaid tail, give Swimtails a try, you will be amazed at what we can create together.