Hey Merfolk,

We would like to chat for a moment about our amazing Mermaid Monofin Backpacks. We have decided to get creative with our new packaging and felt it was time for us to give you our thoughts on the Mermaid Backpacks.

We thought, why not include an awesome bonus gift for our special little Mermaids, while also developing a product that’s eco-friendly and fun? Our new reusable packaging doubles as a special Mermaid Backpack, and it’s yours FREE with the purchase of a new child or adult monofin.

By switching from disposal packaging to this fun reusable backpack, we’re not only making an impact on the environment… we’re also doubling the fun!

So, what are some cool ideas for you to use your brand new Mermaid Backpack? Oh, let us count the ways!

3 Ways You Can Rock the New Mermaid Backpack


1. You can use it during play time 

Playing Mermaids isn’t exclusive to underwater fun! The fun can be had indoors, too. Fill your Mermaid Backpack up with special shells and jewels, turn your ordinary hang out into an exciting treasure hunt and play a game with friends.

You can even play dress up! Let your imagination run wild to the endless possibilities for fun. Wearing your fins on your back can make it a lot easier to run around while playing make-believe!

2.  Carry your most prized possessions 

Does your little one have something special she wants to keep close? Maybe a teddy bear, or a blanket? Keep it in her brand new Mermaid Backpack! It’s the perfect personal treasure chest. You can personalize it by covering it with stickers and glitter, and even hang little bead chains off the zipper for an ultra customized look.

Our creative little Mermaids can pack it up with creative tools, like notepads and crayons. It can fit your favorite small toys, dolls, and random little knickknacks.

Oh, and it makes for a perfect overnight bag for those ultimate Mermaid sleepovers. Be the talk of the Mer-party!

3. Keep your Mermaid Tail safe and sound!

Our reusable packaging is perfect to store your Mermaid Swimtail when you’re not out and about Mermaiding. You can keep it safe and sound and take it right out when you’re ready to swim! It’s the perfect, magical place to keep your Mermaid Tail.

And let’s be honest, there are many more ways you can use the reusable packaging. The great news is, you can do them all. There’s no limit to the amount of fun you can have with our new reusable Mermaid fin packaging. Whether it’s a day at the beach or just going off to school, your little one will have the feeling of majesty and whimsy, no matter where they are.

Whatever you use it for, the Mermaid Backpack is the perfect, beautiful little companion.

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